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List of products by manufacturer Bare3foot

MB sp.j. is the owner of the “3F” (Freedom for Feet) and “BAR3FOOT” brands. MB was established in 1996. Currently it is a family company run by Jerzy and Wojciech Ignasiak. It produces footwear in its factory in Mrocza and in Nakło on Poland.

MB manufactures, under its own brands — “3F” and “BAR3FOOT” —and directly upon orders from large customers, children's and youth footwear: slippers (on PVC soles), trainers (TR), sandals (PU) and barefoot footwear (TR). All shoes are manufactured using the direct injection technology without solvents and glues both for joining the bottom with the upper and for making the upper itself. Thanks to their patented method of laminating the upper, they offer unique ventilated footwear.

In cooperation with the Leather Industry Institute, a footwear production programme is being implemented under the name “Healthy Foot” to ensure the proper development and functioning of children's feet. Approximately 80 designs of footwear produced by the company have been awarded this title. A number of the company's products have the Research Institute Pirmasens e.V. (PFI) certificate and can be sold in the EU Community market.

In 2018, MB carried out a project worth PLN 8,282,230, co-financed by EU Funds, entitled “The implementation of an innovative technology for the production of lightweight children's sports footwear ensuring greater comfort and proper foot development”. In 2010-2016, the company was repeatedly awarded in such competitions as Business Cheetahs, Business Gazelles, and Efficient Company.

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