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Barefoot shoes for adults

Wearing barefoot footwear allows us to sense every change in the ground with our feet and therefore constantly adapt to it. The appropriate choice of barefoot footwear enables the healthy development of the foot and develops a sense of balance, movement, posture and the perception of one's own body in contact with the environment.

Barefoot footwear is characterized by being thin, flat and flexible in all directions. flexible sole, which allows good contact with the ground and natural movement of the foot. The front part of the shoe is asymmetrical, wide and roomy and allows the toes to spread out nicely while walking. The footwear must be well fixed on the foot, which means that it must not jump off the foot or push it forward while walking.

When choosing the model and number of footwear, we must pay attention to the fact that there is enough room for movement in front of the toes. For closed shoes and slippers, 1.2 cm of space is recommended, for sandals 0.7 cm, for winter shoes up to 1.5 cm. for footwear for first steps (0.6 to 0.8 cm). When choosing a suitable shoe, we also take into account that the shoe is wide enough, fits well with the shape and volume of the foot, and has a toe shape that matches our toe shape.

Here you will find carefully selected barefoot shoes from renowned manufacturers such as Be Lenka, Bosky ...

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