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Reduced price! Alpina čelada Apax JR MIPS siva/turkizna 51-56 cm

Alpina helmet Apax JR MIPS gray/turquoise 51-56 cm

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Short description:

A very airy and high-quality helmet, which, in addition to its excellent functionality and ease of use, is also quite light. The edges of the helmet are additionally protected with Edge Protect technology. It also has plenty of air vents to prevent your head from overheating on hotter days.

The helmet is suitable for a head circumference of 51-56 cm.

More information below.

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The low weight is made possible by Inmold technology, which combines the outer hard shell with the inner Hi-EPS part. The helmet is also equipped with the MIPS system. The MIPS system is a thin layer of plastic embedded on the inside of the helmet shell with low friction that allows 10 to 15 mm of sliding movement in all directions. Studies show that this reduces some of the rotational forces transmitted to the brain during lateral falls. Large vents are the basis for good breathability of the helmet, and the Run System Ergo Flex MIPS ensures an optimal fit of the helmet.

  • Fly net - protective net against carrion
  • MIPS: Multi-Directional Impact Protection System is a technology that reduces rotational forces caused by a fall or impact to the head.
  • Edge protect: a protective layer that makes the helmet more resistant to breaks and scratches and provides additional protection against external influences during frequent use.
  • HI-EPS: The inner mold of the Alpina helmet is made of HI-EPS (expandable polystyrene). This material consists of microscopic air spaces that effectively absorb the forces generated upon impact.
  • Inmold Tec: In INMOLD helmets, the inner layer turns into foam under high pressure and heat and sticks under the outer layer. Since the inner and outer parts are completely connected, INMOLD helmets are extremely stable and very light. In addition, they provide significantly greater safety than point-glued helmets.
  • CERAMIC SHELL: the name given to the outer shell of all Alpina helmets manufactured using the Inmold process. It is a thin, light material that is extremely resistant to shocks and scratches, contains UV stabilizers and is antistatic.
  • Run System Ergo Flex + - the rotary knob on the back of the head allows easy adjustment of the size of the helmet to the head, thus ensuring perfect adjustment and safety.
  • ERGOMATIC: the time-tested buckle is used on all Alpina helmets. Multi-level adjustment that you can operate with one hand. In addition, the buckle cannot unbuckle itself in the event of an accident.
  • Y-CLIP: The Y-clip connects the front and back straps under the ears. Once the clip is unfastened, you can easily move the position of the straps and make fine adjustments. This allows the helmet to fit optimally.
  • Helmet weight 298g
  • 14 ventilation openings ensure ideal air flow inside

Fitting the helmet

For optimal protection, please install the helmet according to the following steps:

Place the helmet on the head and open the mechanism for splitting the straps.

Reinstall the straps so that they meet just below the ear. The strap should not cover the ears. Close the strap dividing mechanism.

Place the strap under the chin so that it is both tight and comfortable against the chin. The clasp should not be directly in front of the chin. You can adjust the length of the strap on the buckle. Close the buckle.

Adjust the wheel on the back of the head according to the circumference of the child's head. The helmet must fit tightly and at the same time comfortably to the child's head. To provide optimal protection, the helmet should cover the forehead, not be pushed too far to the back of the head.


This helmet is intended exclusively for cycling, riding scooters, inline skates, skateboards and scooters. Not suitable for skiing, climbing, horse riding or riding motorcycles. Helmets should not be used by children for climbing or other activities where there is a risk of suffocation or hanging if the child gets stuck in the helmet. For this reason, children should not use helmets on playgrounds and especially not on climbing ladders.

EAN: 4003692322395

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