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Djeco game little memo

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Short description:

Publisher: Djeco
Number of players: 2-4
Age: 2+
Playing time: 10 min
Difficulty: very easy
Material: cardboard, wood
Game Type: /

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More info

How to play 

The children memorise the location of each animal then close their eyes. An adult hides one of the animals beneath the box. Then the players open their eyes. The players try to remember which animal is now hidden beneath the box. The first to find the name of the hidden animal says it out loud. If it is the right answer, the adult lifts the box to reveal the hidden animal. He gives a counter to the player who gave the animal’s right name. If on the other hand the animal’s name is incorrect, the player gives back one of the counters he has won. Other players can then give their answer. You continue in the same way (counter won and counter lost) with the following players who give an answer. As soon as the animal has been found and discovered, the children close their eyes again and the game continues. The adult hides another animal. 

The end of the game

Depending on the desired game time, you can decide at the beginning of the game who the winner will be: The player who has won the most counters when there are none left to win Or the first player to have 5 counters.

Šifra: DJ08552
EAN: 3070900085527

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