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Bundgaard rubber boots Charly Low sea animals

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Trgovina Kakadu

Short description:

Charly Low are quality rubber boots from the Danish manufacturer Bundgaard, in which children will happily jumping over puddles. The boots are wide at the front and narrow at the back. That gives the perfect fit on the foot combined with good comfort. They are extremely durable, made of natural rubber to make them extremely soft and flexible for the child to wear.

More information below.

More info

Charly Low are aclassic Bundgaard rubber boots in an updated and more lightweight design. The a part of “Bundgaard Zero Heel” collection, as it has a flat, flexible sole.

Recommended for narrower and normal feet (the toes can be wider).

Description and specifications 

  • They are designed to have a wide section at the toes and a narrow section at the heel for optimal foot retention and comfort.
  • The adjustable opening and heel cap ensure a perfect fit on narrow or wide feet.
  • Flexible and gorgeously soft sole.
  • Additional wearing comfort is provided by the removable textile insert and the interior covered with textile.
  • The removable insoles make it easy to check that the size is right (both when purchasing and during use). The insoles can be removed for airing and drying and make cleaning the inside of the boot a breeze.
  • A really nice reflector is featured on the back, making the boot visible in dark conditions.


  • outside: natural rubber, without PVC
  • lining: 65% cotton, 35% dacron
  • sole: flexible rubber

Size chart (inner measurements):

Size EU

Lenght (cm)

Width (cm)
20 13,3 cm 5,8 cm
21 14 cm 6 cm
22 14,8 cm 6,2 cm
23 15,4 cm 6,3 cm


16,1 cm

6,6 cm


16,7 cm

6,8 cm


17,5 cm

6,8 cm


18 cm

7 cm


18,7 cm

7,1 cm


19,5 cm

7,5 cm


20,1 cm

7,6 cm


20,8 cm

7,7 cm


21,6 cm

8 cm


22,1 cm

8,1 cm


22,8 cm

8,2 cm
35 23,2 cm 8,2 cm
36 24 cm 8,5 cm

Recommended growing room: 10-12 mm.


Clean the boots by washing them under running water. Do not rub them with brushes, as you can damage the rubber. Treat them with care products or use any natural oil - e.g. cooking oil (neutral in taste). Oil or conditioner can be applied with a cloth or soft sponge when the boots are completely dry. Never dry the boots on a radiator or similar heat sources, this would cause the rubber to dry out faster and thus crack. If the shoes are exposed to direct heat or are exposed to sunlight for a long time, a change in color or stains may occur.

Note! Boots can wear out faster when riding a bike or scooter. This type of wear and tear is not a reason for complaint. Always make sure the boots fit properly before putting them on. Boots worn outside cannot be returned.

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